More About UBC

UBC Vision Statement

University Baptist Church (UBC) is a family of God called to be on mission for Jesus Christ in the Iowa City/Coralville area. To that end, UBC seeks to advance the Kingdom of God through vibrant Sunday school (Bible Study) and Worship, through relationship building, and through community outreach. The identity of the church family is framed by a commitment to relational evangelism and discipleship going across generational and socioeconomic boundaries for inclusive worship and coordinated community service. This church family is a collaborative community distinguished by efforts to equip participants to serve God in daily living and to cooperate in local and global mission activities.


Sunday School (Bible Study)

At UBC, corporate Bible study consists of small groups (classes) where members study together and care for each other. Participants of all ages get together in a relaxed atmosphere to encounter God and his call on our lives. Sessions are characterized by individual interpretation and discussion of scripture, as well as personal attention. A key feature is the building of relationships and ministering to the needs of class members.



Worship is a time to honor God and seek God’s message for our lives. All worshippers are invited to seek the presence of Christ through hearing God’s word in scripture, music, and preaching. Worship participants are encouraged to respond to God’s call through sharing testimonies, singing, giving offerings, and making personal commitments to Christian living. In addition, worshippers are encouraged to care for one another by sharing needs and praying for one another.


Relationship Building

UBC fosters the building of relationships through prayer, fellowship activities, and ministry within the church family. UBC helps participants to develop and grow friendships within the community. Further, by providing opportunities for prayer, study, giving, and action, UBC encourages all those in the church family to grow in their relationship with Christ.


Community Outreach

UBC follows Christ’s example in caring for others. As a result church ministries serve to expand the Kingdom of Christ. UBC reaches out through inviting all to participate in the faith community. UBC encourages all to be involved in God’s mission through addressing the needs of the local and global community through prayer, study, giving, and action.



UBC is an autonomous congregation that works in a cooperative fashion with the following Baptist bodies: the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship; the Southern Baptist Convention; the Baptist Convention of Iowa; the Great Rivers Baptist Association. We also participate in ministries with ecumenical groups in the Iowa City/Coralville area.